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Our Staff

Rebecca Klassen LPN

Medical Footcare

Rebecca Klassen graduated from Vancouver Community College nursing program in 2012. Rebecca moved with her family shortly after gradation to Kitimat , and loves it here. Her kids are in many extra curricular including Gymnastics and Hockey. They love the outdoors and love all the snow,  making sure they had a good snow blower was essential! A familiar face in our local hospital, Rebecca has nursed in Acute care, long term care, and mental health and addictions, and has helped in ER and Maternity.  Rebecca decided to further her education in Footcare which includes Advanced diabetic Footcare , when she saw people losing their mobility and independence. When people's feet hurt from pain and very long and thick toe nails they don't want to mobilize very much and it decreases their quality of life. Rebecca joined with Vitality because the spa surroundings provide a comfortable, private atmosphere and so she can dedicate one to one time with her clients and better tend to their needs. Rebecca addresses callouses, corns, thick nails, and help with fungus and planters warts. She also assesses Footcare choices and possible causes of these conditions, using sterile tools and personal protection equipment.

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