Our Staff

Lahonna Rampton

Aromatherapy, Lymphatic Massage Therapist

“All my life I have been intensely interested in human anatomy/physiology and psychology. The anatomy bit surfaced very early when I would read encyclopedias plus any articles I could get. The psychology bit showed up at University, and really surfaced in my mid-30’s. I took my first few certifications in Aromatherapy in the late 1990’s, but was not happy with the results. With organic chemistry in my background as well, I knew there had to be more, a way to make the oils a better “fit” for my clients.

Enter the opportunity to take Aromatherapy courses from a recognized educational facility, and obtain my RA, EOT (Registered Aromatherapist, Essential Oil Therapist – both provincial designations) It was exactly what I had seen as the missing link!

This method starts with the client’s Autonomic Nervous System (and how their body reacts to stress) then allows very specific blending to bring the ANS back into balance as well as alleviating symptoms. Optimizing the personal blending with each visit (instead of a general response) has allowed me success with client issues beyond what I had ever imagined.

With over 20 years of Aromatherapy practice, I still follow these guidelines as my experience has shown me Essential Oils are very potent, very very potent. With one inhale, an oil may shift the body and brain chemistry enough to alter the feeling of stress, tension and anxiety. I treat Aromatherapy as if working with very potent drugs."

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