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Four Tips To Stay Active and Healthy This Fall

September 20, 2023

As we enter in to another Autumn season, colder temperatures, a reduction in fresh garden vegetables and decreased sunlight can make it a challenge to stay active and healthy. Here at Vitality, we know how hard it can be and so weve put together a few suggestions to make it a little easier for you.

Tip 1

An end to gardening and farmers markets means that we have fewer fresh choices when it comes to fruits and veggies so be sure to look for in season veggies. Look for nutrient rich, colorful veggies that can be added to soups, roasted and baked. Here are some of our favorites! Beets, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, kale, broccoli are some great choices! Heres a great recipe

Tip 2

Increase your vitamin D. With a decrease in sunlight and daylight, increasing your vitamin D throughout the winter months can boost your mood and your immune system. Be sure to talk to your health care practitioner about how to incorporate more Vitamin D into your diet.

Tip 3

Stay Active

The weather may be changing but Kitimat has much to offer year round with hiking trails surrounding our beautiful community! Be sure to get outside and enjoy these lovely Autumn days. Movement throughout the day helps our bodies to stay mobile, strong and boost our mood.

Tip 4

Fall Cleanup

Fall is the perfect time to so some spring cleaning. Clean out the closet of clothes you haven't worn in a while. Organize a room. Get rid of things you don't need.

We hope these tips help you fall into the new season gently! Don't forget self care! Come down and visit us soon!

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